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Low-cost, high performance analyzer will help petrochemical refiners
meet proposed low sulfur detection limits.
Austin, TX – February 1, 2002. The sulfur content in diesel fuel may soon be reduced by 97 percent to provide for the cleanest running trucks and buses in history. Reducing the sulfur content in diesel fuel would cut emissions from existing trucks and buses. The proposed regulation targets refiners with stricter rules to reduce noxious air pollution and protect citizens from bronchitis, asthma and lung cancer. Making the ultra-low sulfur diesel that EPA proposes would require an estimated $8 billion in refinery investments.
Under the proposed regulations, refineries will be hard pressed to meet the low sulfur requirements with their existing technology. Jordan Valley supplies a low cost analyzer that will meet these sulfur detection limits and other applications.
Jordan Valley’s EX-310S provides rapid and precise measurement of total sulfur in petroleum products as described in ASTM method D4294. The EX-310S makes accurate sulfur determinations with little or no sample preparation and performs automated analysis with just the click of a mouse.


Viscometer Tip:

Before transporting a viscometer, be sure and remove the bob to avoid damage For other useful instructions, click on the following links on our site:

Model 1000 HPHT Viscometer
Model 800 Viscometer
2-Speed Hand Crank Rheometer


Customer Showcase - Cemtec Services:

"Since we purchased the Benchtop Pressurized Cement Consistometer from OFITE, our cement laboratory has performed 968 thickening time tests in accordance with API Spec. 10. Please note that the above mentioned testing performances are the result of a steady maintenance program of the equipment, and a standard one year stock of replacement parts. Throughout the 3,500 hours of testing, no major failure was recorded." - Guy Mazzilli, Cemtec Services.


Latest API News from the Meetings in Denver:

The 79th Annual Summer Standardization Conference of the American Petroleum Institute was held in Denver, Colorado at the Westin Westminster Hotel June 24 – 28, 2002. The meeting began with a general session breakfast hosted by Bruce Reynolds, of ChevronTexaco, who discussed new visions for standardization and plans to increase participation and various work process improvements.

As we have in years past, OFITE actively participated in the Well Cements (SC 10) and the Drilling Fluid Materials (SC 13) sessions. Following the standard format, work group sessions were held Monday, June 24, followed by the task group meetings and reports on Tuesday. The HPHT Thermocouple work group, chaired by Larry Mitchell, had a very good progress report by John Toups of Westport Technology Center. Larry also conducted the retort work group session for Tom Carter, who is the chairman, but was unable to attend. This was a very lively and spirited session with a lot of varying opinions as to what direction we need to be heading in. Rick Lukay represented OFITE in the Well Cements (SC 10) work and task group sessions.


Global Petroleum Show A Success:

The Global Petroleum Show in Calgary turned out to be a huge success. OFITE featured their Model 1000 HPHT Viscometer, a Benchtop Consistometer, the new METEOR Kit and the soon-to-be-available Model 900 Viscometer.

According to senior engineer, Rick Lukay, "In the 20+ years I've been in the industry, this was by the best show I've ever attended. We demoed to a steady stream of traffic right up to show closing."

If you missed us in Calgary, be sure and catch us at one of the next exhibitions we'll be at.


New Web Site Features:

To better serve our customers, OFI Testing Equipment, Inc. is pleased to announce a new online ordering system. By logging in with your userid and password, you can now view invoice information, see your open sales orders, update customer information, and purchase products online at www.ofite.com, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


New METEOR Kit Introduced:

The OFITE Mud Engineer’s Testing Equipment on Rollers (METEOR) Kit is everything you could have asked for to make your job more convenient and you more productive. This kit contains all the equipment you’ll need to conduct tests on water and oil-based muds - all in one waterproof, portable case! In addition to the standard mud balance, marsh funnel, and cup, the METEOR Kit includes an 8-Speed Viscometer, an HPHT Filter Press, a Kit Size Full Area Filter Press, a pH meter, a retort, and a Methylene Blue Test (MBT) Kit, with ample room for regulators, supplies, and extra chemicals.


In addition to
the major office start-up noted above, our long established operation based at Chestnut Ridge, NY, continues to grow, with the recent addition of three new service engineers and one sales engineer to our complement.
and at Manchester...
also, the MALDI product group has strengthened its management and applications team with several "new recruits" as noted elsewhere, and don't forget the recent additions to the Kratos Germany operation we highlighted earlier!

Look out for more news of ground breaking work from the new talents in our applications laboratories, coming soon...


A new direct sales and support facility for Surface Analysis Products in Japan has recently been opened to build on the success of the operations based with our parent company, Shimadzu.
Mr. Michio Yamaguchi is Office Manager, in charge of the office and also sales in the area of west Japan. The office is at present located in part of the Shimadzu Hadano facility.
The Kratos team are all former Shimadzu employees from their surface analysis operation, and so have a great deal of experience in selling and supporting the Kratos product range.
Among the team are some faces well known to the world surface analysis community, including Mr. Kazuhiro ("Bob") Takahashi, who as Chief Engineer is in charge of all engineering and specialist instrumentation affairs, Mr. Yoshihide Yoshida, Application Specialist, who deals with analytical affairs and demonstration instruments, Mr. Hidehiko ("Mike") Motoki, Service Engineer, dealing with technical affairs of instruments, and Mr. Tohru Maki, Sales Engineer, who supports our clients in the area of east Japan.
Kratos Analytical Japan Branch
c/o Shimadzu Corp.
380-1 Horiyamashita,
Hadano, Kanagawa,
Japan 259-1304
Phone +81-463-88-8502
FAX +81-463-88-8507
E-mail: office@kratosjapan.com (Ms Kyoko Hirata)


Technical Paper - "A Micro and Macro Vision of Clay/Fluid Interaction":

Investigating the swelling characteristics of shale formations is vital in selecting a proper drilling fluid to give maximum inhibition and wellbore stability.

Using the OFITE Dynamic Linear Swell Meter, some studies were done to determine the changes in clay/fluid interaction for short periods of time (0 – 5 min) as well as longer periods (>350 min), yielding some surprising results. A must read for those in the drilling industry!

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