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NEW Weighing Dishes in Stock!

We are pleased to announce that we have two new weighing dishes available for our distributors. Both are constructed of rubberized polystyrene. We have blue versions of our standard square boats, as well as new hexagon shaped dishes. All are sold in packs of 500.

Part Number :: Description :: Suggested List :: Price Dealer Price
HS1421A :: Blue, square, 41x41x8mm :: $47.95 :: $5.95
HS1421B :: Blue, square, 89x89x25mm :: $69.95 :: $10.95
HS1421C :: Blue, square, 140x140x22mm :: $119.95 :: $19.95
HS14251A :: Hex, small :: $39.95 :: $4.49
HS14251B :: Hex, medium :: $49.95 :: $7.69
HS14251C :: Hex, large :: $89.95 :: $21.95
HS14251D :: Hex, X-large :: $99.95 / $26.95

The new weighing dishes will be pictured in our upcoming 28-page 2003 Dealer Catalog. The new catalog should arrive on your desk in early March.



Heathrow Scientific Reception in Orlando, Florida

It is our pleasure to invite you to our 3rd Annual Heathrow Scientific Dealer Reception. This year our party will be on Tuesday, March 11th. It will be held at The Rosen Plaza Hotel, which is adjacent to the Orange County Convention Center, the site of Pittcon 2003. At this point the reception is set-up to be in Salon 6. The room could possibly change between now and the date of the party, so please confirm with us at the show (booth #1835), or at the hotel upon arriving on March 11th.

The reception will begin at 5:30 and run until 7:30. We will once again have mixed drinks, beer, wine, soft drinks and plenty of tasty snacks available.

In addition, we will have prize drawings for those in attendance, as well as entertainment provided by Raja, the strolling Gypsy Psychic.

We hope to see you in Orlando!


LAST CHANCE – Special Model 900 Viscometer Pricing!
Since its debut at the beginning of this year, OFI Testing Equipment has been offering a special introductory price on its new Model 900 Viscometer. Beginning March 3rd, 2003, the Model 900 will be sold at its regular price.

Feedback on the Model 900 Viscometer has been amazing! As a stand-alone field unit, the press of a single button prompts the Model 900 Viscometer to perform standard API test sweeps for your choice of mud or cement rheologies. Standard speeds (i.e. 600, 300, etc.) are also provided as single button operations on the keypad. Need a specific shear rate? Just enter the parameters on the numbered keypad and press "Enter".

Have a need for advanced research and demanding test parameters? Just hook up a computer to the Model 900 and turn it into a fully automated system that includes complete data acquisition using OFITE’s exclusive ORCADA™ software.

For a picture and specifications on the Model 900 Viscometer, visit http://www.ofite.com/products/Drilling/Viscometers/model%20900.htm. Also be sure and follow the links to see how the Model 900 performed against another well-known viscometer!

This is the last week to take advantage of the Model 900’s special introductory offer! Get your order in by Feb. 28th, 2003 to lock in your price.

You can place your order online, email us at sales@ofite.com, fax us at 713-880-9886, or call us at 713-880-9885 or toll-free at 1-877-837-8683 (US and Canada).


We are pleased to announce that we are going to exhibit again at PITTCON 2003 in ORLANDO( Fl).

We will be exhibiting several of our new products among those our newly Portable PID detector Model DL102 the only model that can accept up to three add-on electrochemical detectors as well as an IR or TCD sensor (in addition to the PID with 9,5 eV or 10,2 eV or 11,7 eV lamp).

We can also propose our several other continuous low cost instruments :
1) Model 201 with either a PID or an FID detector with CH4/NMTHC separation option.
2) Model 301 B GC compact GC (19" rack) with all inclusive (internal computer, large screen, 15Gb hard disk ...etc) with a choice of SIX detectors PID FID ECD, FPD TCD FUVAD and to install up to TWO in series. A lot of high value options are available: online concentrator for BTEX or VOCs at low ppt, sparging for liquid analysis, multipoint sampling systems for 2 to 10 sampling points etc...

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any type of application including :

1) Low ppt/ppb/ppm analysis in ambient air / fenceline for VOCs and S compounds;
2) Natural gas analysis (odorization) for ppm levels;
3) Odor analysis (S at low ppb levels);
4) Benzene, Vinyl Chloride, Ethylene Oxide, formaldehyde, 1,3 Butadiene, chlorinated, Halogenated compounds (I or Br ...);
5) Industrial Hygiene survey (several thousands instruments installed and working ALL OVER THE WORLD !!!)

Please come and visit us at our booth # 400 at ORLANDO.


Meet the Heathrow Scientific team! Our goal is to provide you with innovative laboratory storage products, a fair price and a smooth buying experience each and every time you call. Come see us at Pittcon and Achema 2003! We will be exhibiting the entire week at both shows and would love to answer your questions about our newest products. And if your days are booked, stop by our Tuesday evening reception at Pittcon for a friendly and relaxed opportunity to unwind after work. And while you're there, don't forget to say "hello" to Raja, the Gypsy Psychic! We at Heathrow thank you for your business in 2002 and look forward to serving you through 2003 and beyond.

The Heathrow Schedule:

Pittcon 2003: March 10 thru March 13th. Booth 1835.
Reception: Tuesday, March 11th, 5:30 - 7:30pm at the Rosen Plaza Hotel.
Achema 2003: May 19 thru May 24th. Hall 5.1 Stand B32.


We are now pleased to offer you the following calibration standards;

Nitrogen and sulfur in ampules
ASTM D4629: nitrogen in petroleum products by syringe-inlet chemiluminescence packaged in 2 mls ampules.
ASTM D5762: nitrogen in petroleum products by boat-inlet chemiluminescence packaged in 2 mls ampules.
ASTM D5453: sulfur in liquid hydrocarbons by uv fluorescence packaged in 2 mls ampules.
ASTM D3120: sulfur in light liquid petroleum hydrocarbons by oxidative microcoulometry packaged in 2 mls ampules.
ASTM D3246: sulfur in petroleum gas by oxidative microcoulometry packaged in 2 mls ampules.
ASTM D3961: sulfur in liquid aromatic hydrocarbons by oxidative microcoulometry packaged in 2 mls ampules.

We also offer glass monitor samples for x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (xrf) in different sizes and concentrations.
Single elements – chlorine or sulfur;
Multi elements – Ba, Ca, Cl, Cu, Mg, Mo, P, S, Zn.

If you would like more information please vist our web page for details and current pricing. The web page is now designed so that you can download the information and it prints like a catalog. If you would like to speak to someone here please give us a call. Our office hours are from 9 – 4 monday to friday. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your continued support.


Come See Us at OTC!

Come visit us in booth 5409 at OTC, May 5 through May 8. We’ll be displaying some of our latest products, including the new fully automated, field-friendly Model 900 Viscometer, the Dynamic Linear Swell Meter and our Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer. While you are in town, we would also like to invite you to take a tour of our facilities, where we'll have even more equipment on hand for you to view, including our cement testing product line. If you would like to schedule a time for us to meet at OTC or our offices, please email mgallamore@ofite.com and we'll set something up. We'll even send you a free day pass to OTC for taking the time to visit with us! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Satisfaction Surveys - Your Input is Important to Us!

In an effort to better gauge how well we are servicing our customers and to help meet ISO 9001 requirements, OFITE has started randomly selecting customers to partake in a customer satisfaction survey. If you haven't received an email yet, chances are you may soon get one! The email will provide details of a recent repair or purchase from OFITE and will give you a link to a short online survey you can take. Of course you are always free to contact us at anytime if an issue comes up! We have even placed a form on our web site that you can use to let us know how we are doing. Thank you for your continued business and your comments!


Model 900 Viscometer Comparative Data

Recently, a customer did a series of measurements on a sample of xanthan gum using the OFITE Model 900 Viscometer* and another competitive model from a well-known manufacturer. The results are amazing! The OFITE Model 900 measurements are right on target with the competitive model AND the Model 900 was able to capture lower shear readings (.01 s-1) than the "low-shear" competition. At 1/10th the cost of the competitive model, the Model 900 is a great investment!

Visit our web site for more details on the Model 900 Viscometer.


OFITE Now a Supplier of API Standard Materials

Now your best choice for Mud Testing Equipment is also your supplier for API Standard Evaluation Clay, freshly packed and ready for immediate delivery (part #191-00).

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