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In addition to
the major office start-up noted above, our long established operation based at Chestnut Ridge, NY, continues to grow, with the recent addition of three new service engineers and one sales engineer to our complement.
and at Manchester...
also, the MALDI product group has strengthened its management and applications team with several "new recruits" as noted elsewhere, and don't forget the recent additions to the Kratos Germany operation we highlighted earlier!

Look out for more news of ground breaking work from the new talents in our applications laboratories, coming soon...


Spectro has announced a collaboration with process automation specialist FLS Automation A/S (Copenhagen, Denmark), for the marketing and development of laboratory automation analysis systems for the mining, metal, cement and other industries, The spectrometer specialist will take advantage of the expertise of FLS Automation and its subsidiary Pfaff AQS in the engioneering of sample collection and preparation systems, to produce integrated, automated process control solutions


The NEW D8 DISCOVER - New Frontiers in the Nano-World
The NEW D8 DISCOVER – more functionality, easier to use, higher safety … than ever before.

The NEW D8 DISCOVER is redesigned with improvements to not only the measurement software, but to more than 100 individual mechanical parts. This redesign increases the functionality of the system while making operation easier for the user. In addition, an extended level of operation safety is implemented.

The NEW D8 DISCOVER features:
the new Centric Eulerian cradle
the new Pathfinder module
the new LEPTOS thin film evaluation software
the new MULTEX Area software and
the new add-on robotic wafer handler


Rumours go that Oxford will introduce a new spectrometer. It will be named "Twin-X" and it will most probably have both a prop and a pin detector. It is not clear whether it will have both or just a choice of one or the other.


SPECTRO and Rigaku, the leading Japanese manufacturer of Wavelength Dispersive XRF spectrometers, began their strategic alliance in November of 1998. Since the original agreement for the distribution of the SPECTRO ICP spectrometers, the agreement has since been extended to include SPECTRO's line of Polarized Energy Dispersive XRF spectrometers.


Rainer Schramm left Spectro some 4 or 5 month ago. His successor is Mr. Melcom Haig
He is now the Product Manager for Europe.


A new direct sales and support facility for Surface Analysis Products in Japan has recently been opened to build on the success of the operations based with our parent company, Shimadzu.
Mr. Michio Yamaguchi is Office Manager, in charge of the office and also sales in the area of west Japan. The office is at present located in part of the Shimadzu Hadano facility.
The Kratos team are all former Shimadzu employees from their surface analysis operation, and so have a great deal of experience in selling and supporting the Kratos product range.
Among the team are some faces well known to the world surface analysis community, including Mr. Kazuhiro ("Bob") Takahashi, who as Chief Engineer is in charge of all engineering and specialist instrumentation affairs, Mr. Yoshihide Yoshida, Application Specialist, who deals with analytical affairs and demonstration instruments, Mr. Hidehiko ("Mike") Motoki, Service Engineer, dealing with technical affairs of instruments, and Mr. Tohru Maki, Sales Engineer, who supports our clients in the area of east Japan.
Kratos Analytical Japan Branch
c/o Shimadzu Corp.
380-1 Horiyamashita,
Hadano, Kanagawa,
Japan 259-1304
Phone +81-463-88-8502
FAX +81-463-88-8507
E-mail: office@kratosjapan.com (Ms Kyoko Hirata)


SPECTRO Italy appoints new sales Agencies to expand its customer sales and support coverage in the Italian territory
ASSING S.p.A. of Monterotondo (RM) has been appointed the exclusive agency for SPECTRO XRF products in most of the Italian territory. ASSING is an established distributor of electron microscopy and X-ray instrumentation serving the Italian industrial and academic markets since 1971. Headquartered in Monterotondo, near Rome, and with offices in Milan and Catania it counts with an experienced and knowledgeable staff ready to address the opportunities and potential of SPECTRO XRF product lines (X-lab, X-test and Xepos) and to provide a high level of customer attention.


New product - Diesel Fuel Ignition Quality Tester (IQT TM)

Research and refinery laboratory ignition quality measurement
- Accurately determines the ignition quality of diesel and alternative diesel fuels;
- Sensitive to cetane improver additives; sensitive to small CN variations;
- Improved repeatability and reproducibility over the full CN scale;
- Automated test procedure and quiet operation;
- Short test time (less than 15 minutes);
- Small sample size (less than 50 ml);
- High level of reliability, rugged system, low operating and maintenance costs;
- IP Test Method # IP PM CQ/01 (draft);
- Rapid response service.

The automated Ignition Quality Tester (IQT TM ), with patented air assisted fuel injection system, is a combustion-based analytical instrument, which enables the determination of the ignition quality of diesel fuels in a rapid, quiet and cost-effective manner. The ignition delay and derived cetane number of diesel and alternative fuels (including cetane improved diesel fuels) can be efficiently and accurately determined, in a matter of minutes. Based on the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) constant volume combustion apparatus (CVCA) technology, the IQT TM also has the potential for use in refinery in-line operations.


Oxford results for the Analytical business:
The Analytical business broke even 2001 GBP 4.1 million operating profit) on turnover for the period down GBP 10.2 million (23%) to GBP 33.3 million. Demand for the semiconductor and telecommunications markets continues to be weak, particularly in the USA. However, markets in Asia remain strong across a range of industrial segments.
Continued investment in new products, including software additions to our market-leading INCA product, together with ongoing procurement savings have enabled gross margins to be maintained despite significant pricing pressure.
Staff numbers have been reduced by 60(10%) since March 2002 to reflect the reduced order level and we are currently reviewing our cost base in response to a further recent deterioration of the prospects for our products in the semiconductor industry.
In October 2002, the operation and net assets of the Process systems product line was sold to the management for a consideration primarily based on future performance. Losses on this product line were GBP 0.4 million in the first half and the disposal will result in a post-tax write-down of goodwill of approximately GBP 1.1 million in the second half. The CMI International business acquired in October 2001 is trading profitably.

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