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Customer Showcase - Cemtec Services:

"Since we purchased the Benchtop Pressurized Cement Consistometer from OFITE, our cement laboratory has performed 968 thickening time tests in accordance with API Spec. 10. Please note that the above mentioned testing performances are the result of a steady maintenance program of the equipment, and a standard one year stock of replacement parts. Throughout the 3,500 hours of testing, no major failure was recorded." - Guy Mazzilli, Cemtec Services.


Latest API News from the Meetings in Denver:

The 79th Annual Summer Standardization Conference of the American Petroleum Institute was held in Denver, Colorado at the Westin Westminster Hotel June 24 – 28, 2002. The meeting began with a general session breakfast hosted by Bruce Reynolds, of ChevronTexaco, who discussed new visions for standardization and plans to increase participation and various work process improvements.

As we have in years past, OFITE actively participated in the Well Cements (SC 10) and the Drilling Fluid Materials (SC 13) sessions. Following the standard format, work group sessions were held Monday, June 24, followed by the task group meetings and reports on Tuesday. The HPHT Thermocouple work group, chaired by Larry Mitchell, had a very good progress report by John Toups of Westport Technology Center. Larry also conducted the retort work group session for Tom Carter, who is the chairman, but was unable to attend. This was a very lively and spirited session with a lot of varying opinions as to what direction we need to be heading in. Rick Lukay represented OFITE in the Well Cements (SC 10) work and task group sessions.


Global Petroleum Show A Success:

The Global Petroleum Show in Calgary turned out to be a huge success. OFITE featured their Model 1000 HPHT Viscometer, a Benchtop Consistometer, the new METEOR Kit and the soon-to-be-available Model 900 Viscometer.

According to senior engineer, Rick Lukay, "In the 20+ years I've been in the industry, this was by the best show I've ever attended. We demoed to a steady stream of traffic right up to show closing."

If you missed us in Calgary, be sure and catch us at one of the next exhibitions we'll be at.


New Web Site Features:

To better serve our customers, OFI Testing Equipment, Inc. is pleased to announce a new online ordering system. By logging in with your userid and password, you can now view invoice information, see your open sales orders, update customer information, and purchase products online at www.ofite.com, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


New METEOR Kit Introduced:

The OFITE Mud Engineer’s Testing Equipment on Rollers (METEOR) Kit is everything you could have asked for to make your job more convenient and you more productive. This kit contains all the equipment you’ll need to conduct tests on water and oil-based muds - all in one waterproof, portable case! In addition to the standard mud balance, marsh funnel, and cup, the METEOR Kit includes an 8-Speed Viscometer, an HPHT Filter Press, a Kit Size Full Area Filter Press, a pH meter, a retort, and a Methylene Blue Test (MBT) Kit, with ample room for regulators, supplies, and extra chemicals.


Bruker AXS launches its complete new X8 Product Line for Life Science Applications at IUCr Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.


Reference oils: Standards for viscosity measurrements.

Primary standard
Conforms to ASTM D2162
Values certified 20, 25 40, 50 and 100°C
2 years shelf life
Contents 500ml per bottle


It is said that Spectro is experiencing financial problems, and as a consequence are raising their prices. ?50k for a Xepos is a lot and can only help Philips and Bruker S2 to a lesser extent. Over the last four years there price has gone up 50%.


Bruker AXS cuts costs despite good quarter
Bruker AXS has announced a restructuring aimed at taking $2-3 million out of annual costs, despite exceeding expectations in the third quarter of fiscal 2002 ended 30th June. Revenues were up to 19% compared with a year ago at $24.0 million. Net income of $0.6 million improved compared with a net loss of &1.8 previously. For the first six months sales grew 22% to $47.8 million and net income was $0.9 million, as against a net loss of $1.6 million. Growth was driven by sales of its X-ray systems in the materials science sector. Sales in Japan were boosted by the acquisition of MAC Science. Bruker AXS expects strong 20% growth for the rest of the year from materials sciences and its life sciences, where the company just launched a new range of X-ray based systems for structural proteomics. That growth could take Bruker AXS to over $100 million in annual sales.


Relaunch of the Bruker AXS Website: What's new?
Presentation of the business areas to which Bruker AXS offers outstanding solutions:
Molecular Structure Determination
Material Research and Science
Industrial Process and Quality Control

New customer area providing a literature pool where registered customers can download various publications
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