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It is said that the department that occupies itself with automation projects has been sold to Pfaff. Pfaff itself is now part of the FL Schmidt Automation (FLSA). As far as we know Spectro will do the acquisition but Pfaff will take over the responsibility of the project.
Rumours go that Spectro has problems with their Si(Li) detector
Roentech, A German company, has stopped delivering their products to Spectro.


S2 Ranger:
- As far as we know the S2 system is assembled in Congleton, UK
- We are not sure where the detector originates. Would like to get more input on this.
- Their 50-Watt tube comes from Varian.


New development: bath/circulator "TC6". Thermostatic bath and circulator 6ltrs bath.

The TC6 can both be used as circulator or bath. The bathfluid is heated via a microprocessor controlled heating element. When working below ambient temperature cooling fluid can be circulated through the cooling coil to lower the bath temperature. The bath is equipped with fluid level detection and drain located at the backside of the apparatus. The microprocessor controlled heating with autotune function guarantees precise temperature controll. The top unit can easily be detached from the bath when unscrewing two small handweels located at the back. This enables full and easy acces to the bath compartment for cleaning.

The bath temperature can be set to a maximum of 250°C(482°F) in steps of 0,1degree. The overall system accuracy is ±0,05°K

A pressure pump provides circulation in the bath or via an external circuit. The pressure of the pump is 300 mBar at 7 ltrs per minute.

The bath conforms to CE regulation. It further is equiped with multiple safety features in order to guarantee safe around the clock operation. A mechanical safety thermostat protects the bath against high temperatures and will automatically reset itself after switching the bath off and on again.The safety thermostat can be set between ambient and +300°C. In case of overtemperature powerelectronics and motor are fully switched off. The pump motor is protected against mechanical overload via a resettable fuse.

Standard available in °C, on request in °F.

Accessories - Leveling platform.


Record deliveries to customers in the semiconductor and telecommunications markets in the first half of the financial year plus the integration in the second of CMI, enabled Oxford Analytical to report a 26% increase in turnover to GBP 83.0 Mio. Operating profit was also up to GBP 2.7 Mio in 2001.


Rigaku moved their XRF/XRD US Headquarters to Houston to join their Semi and single crystal x-ray group.
They have all xrf's and xrd's in the app lab and a full staff.
Everyone in Texas now get's a Rigaku Lab demo.


Bruker has launched a new High-Throughput Screening System for combinatorial Analysis at the Denver conference.. The system, called D8 Discover CST (comprised of a D8 Discover with GADDS for combinatorial screening in transmission) is a high-throughput X-Ray analysis tool specifically targeted at pharmaceutical and combinatorial chemistry applications, a high growth area in the analysis of advanced materials, including drug development. The D8 Discover CST was designed in response to customer demand for more efficient ways of analysing many samples at thigh speed.


Bruker posts profit, cuts 5% of workforce
August 13, 2002
Bruker posts profit, cuts 5% of workforce
Fitchburg-based Bruker AXS Inc., which develops sophisticated X-ray systems for life and materials sciences, reported a second-quarter profit on increased sales, and a restructuring that included about 5 percent cut in its workforce.
Bruker reported second-quarter net income of $609,000, or 1 cent per diluted share, on revenues of $24 million, compared with a net loss of $1.8 million, or 4 cents per diluted share, on revenues of $20.2 million a year ago.

The cuts reduced Bruker's global workforce from about 560 to about 530, including about 100 locally, where seven positions were eliminated, CEO Martin Haase said in an interview today.
The positions cut were redundant due to Bruker's two acquisitions over the past 18 months. The cuts, streamlining production and reducing operating expenses will produce annual cost savings of $2 million to $3 million, the company said.
"This is a global program to improve our profitability," Haase said.

The company said it raised its revenue guidance for the year to a range of $99 million to $101 million, up more than 20 percent over 2001, on strong backlog, new orders and the launch of new products.


Comments on calibrating the ZSX-Mini system:
It would appear that they cheated a little on this note, as the C-114 specification states that you need to make a second set of standards to do the comparison test several days after the original calibration. As always if you run the same standards you calibrated with as unknowns you will surely get excellent, but unrealistic results. I did a straight comparison of the Venus against the Rigaku mini earlier this year and the Venus has 2 to 13 times the sensitivity of the ZSX mini for most elements. The Venus cannot pass the C-114 test if done in the correct way, so I doubt that ZSX min can.


Bruker AXS announces Stock repurchase program.
The company announced that its Board of Directors has authorized the repurchase of up tp 2.5 million shares of Bruker AXS common stock. The Board of Directors views Bruker AXS’ stock as undervalued in the market place and it believes that the stock repurchase program will be beneficial to Bruker AXS shareholders.


Viscometer Tip:

Before transporting a viscometer, be sure and remove the bob to avoid damage For other useful instructions, click on the following links on our site:

Model 1000 HPHT Viscometer
Model 800 Viscometer
2-Speed Hand Crank Rheometer

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