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SPECTRO Analytical Instruments announce record results for FY 2001
Kleve, Germany, January 10th, 2002 - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments announced record sales for its 2001 fiscal year. The audit of accounts has been completed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the final figures reflect sales of 94.1 million Euros for the 12 month period ending September 30th, 2001. This represents a 7.1% increase over the prior 12 month period. "Our investments in the Far East coupled with strong sales momentum in both ICP and XRF have more than offset the effects of a softening economy in North America.", commented Tom Blades, SPECTRO CEO.


Spectro has announced record results for FY 2001, with sales up 7.1% to Euro 94.1 million.


Oxford has announced a 58% increase in turnover for the halfyear to September 2001. Operating profits in the same period went from 28 Million pounds to 44 Million pounds.


Low-cost, high performance analyzer will help petrochemical refiners
meet proposed low sulfur detection limits.
Austin, TX – February 1, 2002. The sulfur content in diesel fuel may soon be reduced by 97 percent to provide for the cleanest running trucks and buses in history. Reducing the sulfur content in diesel fuel would cut emissions from existing trucks and buses. The proposed regulation targets refiners with stricter rules to reduce noxious air pollution and protect citizens from bronchitis, asthma and lung cancer. Making the ultra-low sulfur diesel that EPA proposes would require an estimated $8 billion in refinery investments.
Under the proposed regulations, refineries will be hard pressed to meet the low sulfur requirements with their existing technology. Jordan Valley supplies a low cost analyzer that will meet these sulfur detection limits and other applications.
Jordan Valley’s EX-310S provides rapid and precise measurement of total sulfur in petroleum products as described in ASTM method D4294. The EX-310S makes accurate sulfur determinations with little or no sample preparation and performs automated analysis with just the click of a mouse.


At Pittcon 2002, Rigaku /MSC introduced the ZSX Mini Benchtop WDXRF Analyzer. Press releases for the ZSX Mini describes its use in the paper and pulp industry, in the cement industry for ASTM C114-00 rapid methods, and for screening of contaminants in soils. The company claims the instrument can be used in mobile laboratories.


Bruker AXS Announces Technology joint venture for innovative X-ray optics based on innovative coating technologies. A s part of the joint venture, Bruker AXS will hold 51% stake in INCOATEC GmbH, a German company that was spun off from the GKSS, a materials research centre located in Geesthacht, Germany.
This joint venture further enhances our already broad in-house technology portfolio, and allows us to drive development of next generation optics for our life sciences and materials science systems, GKSS will licence its relevant patents to INCOATEC, which will be manager by Dr Carsten Michaelsen and Dr Joerg Wiesmann.
Bruker AXS will exclusively market the INCOATEC products through its established global distribution organisation, and will provide capital and R&D resources to optimise the use of these optics in the field of X-Ray instrumentation


All news are available at head office web site.


Oxford launches a new version of the "XpertEase" software used on the "ED2000" and "MDX 1080+". It runs on the Windows 2000. The package is being supplied with new systems but can be bought as an upgrade.


Introduction of the S2 Ranger a bench top EDXRF unit. The unit is assembled in Congleton, UK. According Bruker, the system is introduced mainly versus Spectro !!!!
First issue of their new bulletin called : EDX News
Congleton appears to be their new EDX headquarters


Lovibond Tintometer AF904 Discontinued

The Lovibond Tintometer AF904 visual colorimeter for measuring IP Units (a range of 14 colour standards specified in the Institute of Petroleum’s standard Method 17 B) of petroleum products is no longer available for the following reasons:

- The low volume of sales has made this instrument uneconomic to produce.
- It is relatively difficult to obtain consistent and objective results with a long path length (18") visual instrument.
- As an alternative, IP Units can be included on standard automatic instruments.

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