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Bruker AXS, Inc and Bede Scientific have entered into an agreement for the supply of the Bede Microsource. The Microsource X-ray generator is known for its revolutionary design which provides a high brightness X-ray beam in a compact unit. This X-ray source will be integrated with the Bruker AXS CCD based diffraction systems. Bruker AXS will configure the Microsource with the SMART range of highly sensitive CCD-detector systems for applications in biological and chemical crystallography.


Bruker AXS closes private financing for structural genomics
Bruker AXS Inc., a leading global provider of advanced X-ray solutions for the life and advanced materials sciences, today announced that it has raised $22.5 million in a private financing round. The investment was led by Thomas Weisel Capital Partners, a $1.3 billion private equity fund managed by Thomas Weisel Partners. Other investors include Burrill & Company and Essex Investment Management Company.


Rigaku/MSC achieved sales of over $40M for the fiscal year ending February 28, 2001. The 165 employees are spread between the headquarters in The Woodlands, TX USA, the European branch in Seven Oaks, UK, a software group in Provo, UT USA and a vacuum product division in Danvers, MA USA.


March 1, 2001, Rigaku/USA and its fully owned subsidiary, Molecular Structure Corporation (MSC), merged to form a new company, Rigaku/MSC, Inc. This action follows a transition year in which Rigaku/USA’s XRD, XRF, and semiconductor groups were moved from Danvers, MA to MSC’s new facility in The Woodlands, TX USA. The newly formed company is a fully owned subsidiary of the Rigaku Group and acts as a distributor of Rigaku’s XRD, XRF, and semiconductor instrumentation in North America and Rigaku’s single crystal instrumentation throughout the world, except for Japan and parts of Asia.


Bruker AXS has bought the X-ray diffraction company Nonius BV from Delft Instruments in a move to acquire "critical mass" and be the leading supplier to the protein X-ray crystallographic market. Bruker will establish Nonius in Delft as the European headquarters for Bruker AXS with R&D and production facilities


Sales channel for Eastern and Central Europe is a result of a strategic review of the sales and support in the advance of the expected expansion of the European Union eastwards. Staff comes from "ROFA Prozessanalytik" who already distributed Oxford products.


Oxford Instr PLC has spun out its X-ray crystallographic business, which includes an alliance with X-Ray diffraction equipment manufacturer Kuma diffraction (Wroclaw, Poland), to former management. The new company will be called Oxford Diffraction Ltd. (Abingdon, England). As a result of the transaction, the entire share capital of Kuma has been transferred to Oxford Diffraction and the company has changed its name to Oxford Diffraction (Poland) Managing director of Oxford Instruments is Dr. Paul Leffen and the company’s chairman is Dr. Allistair Smith, both formerly with Oxford Instruments. Oxford Diffraction has 20 employees; two-thirds are based in Poland, where a new manufacturing facility has opened.


Oxford has reported preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2001. Sales from continuing operations were 183 Mio pound, up 23% on the fiscal 2000 figure of 15. Million pound. At the analytical division, a 33% increase in revenues, from 49,5 Million pound to 65.5 million, helped the unit to return to profitability; operating profit was 2,8 million pound, in contrast to the previous year's loss of 1,0 million pound.


Oxford has transferred production of its wavelength disperive spectrometer line from Fremont , CA to its High Wycombe, England base. The company said:" The spectrometer now being produced in the UK not only meets the demanding level of specification, but is also producing faster and better quality results. The move unites production with the company's energy dispersive products.


Rigaku/MSC the US subsidiary of Tokyo based X-ray diffraction instruments developer Rigaku Corp, has licensed the ACTOR automated crystal mounting and dat collection technology from Abbot Laboratories Inc, to develop a comemrcial high-throughput crystallography system

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