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SPE ATCE Show A Success

The SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio turned out to be a huge success. OFITE featured their brand new Model 900 Viscometer, a Model 1000 HPHT Viscometer, and a Dynamic Linear Swell Meter.

The automation and easy-to-use features of the Model 900 generated a lot of attention. Available first quarter of 2003, this new viscometer is sure to be a hit!

If you missed us in San Antonio, be sure and catch us at one of the next exhibitions we'll be at.


Did You Know?

We Stock a Complete Line of Labware!

You already purchase your testing equipment from us. Why not make it easier on yourself and purchase your labware and supplies from us at the same time? We maintain a large inventory of reagents, consumable supplies and various plastic and glass labware, which fully conform to API Specifications. We are happy to furnish specialty items and "one of a kind" products upon request. Visit our web site to see the labware we have in stock, ready to ship to you today!


New 2002 Catalog Available:

OFI Testing Equipment, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of their new 2002 product catalog. Containing 148 pages of OFITE products, parts, and accessories, this new version features easy to use tabs and indexes to make searching for that specific product easy.


Recording Calcimeter Now in Stock:

Due to popular demand, OFITE is now offering a Recording Calcimeter Kit. Similar in design to our Gauge Model Calcimeter, the Recording Calcimeter Kit includes a pressure transducer and a small strip chart recorder to replace the pressure gauge. The transducer and chart recorder automate the data recording process, saving the operator the time of doing it manually.

This kit includes the Calcimeter plus all consumable items required to perform this test. A stainless steel case is available upon request.


We would like to inform that Mr. Andres Siiman has left our company OU Est-Doma in September 2002.

Now Mr. Siiman is employed by another laboratory equipment supply company OU Quantum who is the main competitor for Est-Doma on Estonian market.

Nevertheless there was an agreement between as and Mr. Siiman that all information obtained during the time he was employed in Est-Doma (customers, manufacturers, prices, product specifications etc.) shall not be used for competition I regret to say that we have found out first cases of such unethical usage of previously obtained information.


We are interested in cooperation with producing companies of Europe, USA and China.


Spectro has reduced the staff from 550 to 420 people
The organization is quite similar to ours: regional offices for Asia (Hong-Kong and Beijing), NAFTA (Fitchburgh, MA), Europe (Kleve), DACH & Benelux (Kleve) and Rest Of the World (Kleve). In the regional centers specialists are located to assists the sales-force, a similar set-up for after-sales is not in place yet.


ECO 8 - Thermoreactor with voltage changer:
The thermoreactor ECO 8 has a capacity of 8 round glass test tubes with 16 mm external diameter and for 1 test tube with 22 mm external diameter. It is devised for sample preparation in determining COD, total phosphorus, total chromium and other parameters in water and sludge.
The block holding the test tubes is manufactured from an aluminium alloy which allows a very good thermal homogeneity at all the selectable temperatures.
The temperature of the heating block is controlled by a microprocessor with a PID logic.
The temperature probe is a Pt100 probe which does not require any calibration because the electronics after each turning on performs a self calibration. All this allows a very good precision and reproducibility.
The ECO8 thermoreactor is equipped by a voltage changer, accessible on the rear of the instrument, allowing a connection to electric nets 230 V or 115 V.
The unit is equipped by safety devices assuring high protection in all the phases of use: a cover manufactured from Teflon and a transparent cap to be placed over the test tubes during heating.
The heating block is equipped by a protection against over temperatures given by a thermostat which turns off the heating when the temperature exceeds 180°C.


We are proud to announce our new additions to our EDXRF analyzers!!! The EX310A+

XRF makes an excellent teaching tool in laboratory curriculum. Jordan Valley's EX-310A+ energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer is specifically configured for the university and college market.

The EX-310A+ is designed for use in undergraduate laboratories to expose students to XRF and encourage professors to discuss the technology in the lectures. The reasonable cost of this analyzer, including the special academic discount, makes it easily affordable to most teaching institutions.


Spectro has developed an energy-dispersive XRF system designed to meet soon-to-be-introduced EU directives for determining heavy metal content for " end of life vehicles (ELV)" and "waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). According to Spectro, its XEPOS instrument has "proven to be the ideal instrument for determining cadmium, lead, mercury and chromium at the limits set for ELV and the still-to-be-set limits for WEEE. Proprietary polarisation technology provides a detection limit of 8ppm, an "improvement by a factor of four-to-seven versus conventional ED-XRF"

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