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New "PDF" with Product Matrix revised with new products at www.tamson.com.


New "PDF" manuals for TV- and TxxxxE series at www.tamson.com.


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TV7000 for use around 0°C - Viscometer bath for temperatures upto minus 40°C.

Due to its large liquid contence our TV7000 has an excellent temperature stability. This system is very often used for calibrating thermometers i.e. by metrological or calibration institutes.

The TV7000 normally can not be used for temperatures below plus 10°C, and the apparatus had to be adapted be able to work at minus 40°C. For this purpose we modified an apparatus to combine a working temperature of minus 40°C and keeping its excellent temperature stability.

To prevent the windows from getting condensated special heated double glazed windows were used. The cooling coil is extended to optimize the heat removal. Working temperature lies from -40°C up to 40°C, and this minnimum temperature can be reached within 4 hours.


TLV25 for very low temperatures - Viscometer bath for temperatures below -100°C.

Space industrie requested a bath to measure viscosity at very low temperatures. We combined three compressors in a single system minimum to reach a tempeature of -118°C. Special care was taken for the insulation and stirrer mechanism. On customers wish the bath and cryostat have been combined in one system.


T2500 with cooling - Thermostatic bath and circulator for temperatures below 20°C.

This bath has been adapted for use below ambient temperature. A cooling system provides heat removal from the system so that very stable temperatures can be reached from 0°C up to 60°C.


In December 1999, Rigaku/USA acquired Osmic, Inc. (Troy, MI, USA), a major supplier of optical components for XRD, XRF and single crystal diffraction. Bilateral product development between the Rigaku Group and Osmic is leading to innovative new products that significantly improve the home-lab capabilities for protein crystallography. While the use of synchrotron radiation will continue to be important for structural proteomics, the demand for high-performance, home-lab protein crystallographic capabilities continues to increase.


"Economy" or "E-Series" is a complete new range of thermostatic baths. The new baths are developed as a supplement for our thermostatic baths model "T" (T1000, T2500, T4500). The new serie, indicated with extension "E" combines excellent performance with very competitive price. The 16 Litre T1000E, 40 litre T2500E and unique 56 litreT4500E complete the series with the already introduced 3.5 Litre TC3E and 9 litre TC9E bath/circulator.
Interesting advantages

All versions fully made of stainless steel
Comes complete so no difficult choice in performance or accessories:
- A very nice price!
- High performance
- Presettable PID parameters
- Standard intelligent self-tuning function

The E serie is specially suited for general purpose use. Operating is simple though it offers very stable temperature control. The heating process of the bath is controlled via a microprocessor. A the cooling coil, incluided as standard, provides working at temperatures even below 0°C. Tap water or a separate cooling unit TLC3 can be used to work at these lower temperatures.

Standard working temperatures varie from ± ambient +5°K up to 250°C. With the use of the build-in cooling coil the minimum temperature lies approximately 5°C above the temperature of the cooling liquid. Combining the TC system with a TLC3 a minimum working temperature of minus 15°C can be reached.

The setpoint can be set in steps of 0,1°C. The temperature controlling stability for the TC3E is better than ± 0,1°C, for the TC9E, T1000E, T2500E, T4500E stability is better than 0,03°C. These are absolute worst case min/max values, measured in water at 50°C over several periodes with a minimum of 16 hours.

A pressure pump provides circulation in the bath or via an external circuit. Pressure 300 mBar, 7.5 ltrs/min.

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