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Accurate temperature measurement with the new DT1000 temperature sensor:
- The new DT1000 temperature sensor replaces the DT120 temperature sensor.
- It is made of Hastelloy C22, an alloy as good as glass with respect to chemical inertness in harsh oxidative and acidic environment, but superior with respect to mechanical stability.
- Accurate temperature measurement in the range from –30 to 130°C is provided by a PT1000 class B platinum resistance element.
- Like the DT120 it fits in the manual titration stand. For the usage with the sample changers Rondolino, Rondo 60 or QUANTO direct, the sleeve adapter 51108032 is required.


New development: Tamson circulation cooler model "TLC30-5" which has a temperature range of - 30 up to + 60°C with an accuracy better than ± 0.05 K.

This circulation cooler can be used for several purposes e.g. cooling ASTM testing instruments, general cooling etc.

The circulation cooler is very compact and the sizes are 420x265x565mm (L x W x H).


Product Enhancement - Thermocups:

Do you like the smaller size of the thermocups, but miss the removable beakers on the cup heaters? We've combined the two! Now you can have both convenience and portability! For regulated temperatures up to 200°F (93°C).


We Stock Spare Parts for Cement Testing Equipment!

Did you know that OFITE stocks a complete line of spare parts and accessories for cement testing equipment? Dimensions and materials of construction for many of these components are stated within API Specification 10, which means that OFITE’s spare/expendable components are interchangeable with the components of most major manufacturers! OFITE typically offers packages of spare parts that contain the recommended spares for one, two, or three years normal operation. Visit our web site to see our complete line of cement testing equipment.


Advanced Online Search Parameters:

One of the benefits of logging into the OFITE web site with your userid and password is the advanced options you are given to find a specific product or component. Once you login, you can search by product number or description by clicking on the 'Product Search' box in the upper left-hand corner. Or you can choose to drill down by category using the tree on the left hand side. Using the category tree, you can drill down to each product and that product's components, if you just need to find specific parts.


We are happy to inform that Mr. Alexander Kozlov is our authorised Sales Manager for all Analytik Jena Products in the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). He is located in our company office in Moscow, contact:

Analytik Jena Moscow
Starosadskij Pereulok 7
Moscow 101000

Tel./Fax: +7-09 59 33 55 76
e-mail: info@analytik-jena.ru


Ultrarcentrafuge Product Update

As announced at the annual SCA meeting Core Lab has a global channel partnership agreement with BCI whereby we are the only manufacturer licensed to perform the necessary bin conversion and manufacture PIR16.5 inverted, PIR20, PIR20.1 and PIR45 rotors for use with BCI’s new L-100 XP high speed centrifuge. Production of rotors has started and we are now shipping units to meet your need for state-of-the-art reliable centrifuges for 1.5 inch drainage imbibition, 1 inch drainage/imbibition sample preparation for relative permeability and extreme high speed 45,000 rpm rotors.

The automated ultracentrifuge system is designed to be used for desaturation of samples saturated with water while introducing oil or air and may be used for primary drainage, imbibition and secondary drainage capillary pressure including Amott/USBM wettability and relative permeability with measurements during start-up with 1", 30 mm and 1.5" samples when correct rotors are installed. Rotors, cups and receiver systems available:PIR 20.1 for Sample Preparation of 1.5 inch samples. PIR 20 for drainage and imbibition of 1 inch samples.PIR 16.5 drainage for 1.5 inch samples.PIR16.5/inverted for 1.5 inch samples.The PIR 20 rotor has a standard and inverted bucket set for 6 plugs. Inverted buckets enable imbibition experiments with the receiver at the inner instead of at the outer radius. The produced liquid is recorded using a computer controlled CCD line camera and strobe unit with interface resolution of 0.002". An automatic operation module is available, but operation may be in either automatic or manual mode.


Core Lab is pleased to announce that as of January 20, 2003, Core Laboratories Instruments’ manufacturing facility will relocate from Carrollton to our corporate campus in Houston. This development will enhance our corporate strategy of close synergy between our globally renowned analytical labs and our manufacturing arm allowing us to introduce technical innovations to the market place as rapidly as possible.
Please note new contact details for all our domestic and international clients and systems users:

Core Laboratories Instruments 6339 Windfern Houston, Texas 77040 U.S.A. Tel: 1-713-328-2673 Fax: 1-713-328-2174 coreinsttech@corelab.com

Derek Beckett - General Manager dbeckett@corelab.com Tel.: 1-713-328-6166
Jeremy Bland – Technical Director jbland@corelab.com Tel.: 1-713-328-6170
Our international sales team will remain based at our U.K. sales office:
Duncan Thow dthow@corelab.com Tel: 44-1224-421095 Fax: 44-1224-421 005


Spectro has developed an energy-dispersive XRF system designed to meet soon-to-be-introduced EU directives for determining heavy metal content for " end of life vehicles (ELV)" and "waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). According to Spectro, its XEPOS instrument has "proven to be the ideal instrument for determining cadmium, lead, mercury and chromium at the limits set for ELV and the still-to-be-set limits for WEEE. Proprietary polarisation technology provides a detection limit of 8ppm, an "improvement by a factor of four-to-seven versus conventional ED-XRF"


We are proud to announce our new additions to our EDXRF analyzers!!! The EX310A+

XRF makes an excellent teaching tool in laboratory curriculum. Jordan Valley's EX-310A+ energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer is specifically configured for the university and college market.

The EX-310A+ is designed for use in undergraduate laboratories to expose students to XRF and encourage professors to discuss the technology in the lectures. The reasonable cost of this analyzer, including the special academic discount, makes it easily affordable to most teaching institutions.

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