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082-00001 Falex Pin & Vee Block Test Machine (F-1500) (2) Includes:Dual range Load Gage; ?Electronic Torque System; ?50 complete test sets 0.00
082-00002 Falex Pin-on-Disk Test Machine (FISC200PC) (1) includes:F-ISC200PC-C13 Random Radius 0.00
082-00003 Falex Block-on-Ring Test System (F-1501) Includes F-15111 Electronic Instrumentation Control 0.00
082-00004 Falex Block-on-Ring Test system (F-1501) Includes:? F-15111 Electronic Instrumentation Control 0.00
082-00005 Optional upgrade to current style meters (recommended if signal required for computer data acquisition) 0.00
082-00006 Falex Block-on-Ring Test Machine Includes: Pneumatic Loading ?F-1501-6 Test oil Circulating System ?F-15030 Falex Electronic Control Cabinet (new) ?F-1501-1A Microprocessor Controller for Loading System (new) (Other control systems can be quoted on request) 0.00
082-00007 Falex Multi-Specimen Test Machine (1) Includes: F15030 Electronic Instrumentation System 0.00
082-00008 Optional upgrade to current style meters (recommended if signal required for computers data acquisition) 0.00
082-00009 Falex Multi-Specimen Test Machine with F1506-1 microprocessor Controlled loading system and F15030 Falex Electronic Control System (new) or with F1506-B Computer Data acquisition and control system 0.00
082-00010 Falex high Performance Multi-Specimen Test Machine (1) (High Temperature, High load) Requires Control System (quotation on request) 0.00
082-00011 Falex Tapping Torque Test machine Includes: Computer Data Acquisition and Control System 0.00
082-00012 Falex High Speed/High Temperature Bearing Test Machine Dual Station Test Stand 0.00
082-00013 Falex Journal Bearing Test Machine Dual station Test Stand 0.00

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