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15th International Exhibition of Medical Engineering

April 19 - 23, 2004
ZAO Expocentr's Krasnaya Presnya fairgrounds


Exhibition character:

The Exhibition is held with participation and assistance of the Ministry of Health Care of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies of the Russian Federation. It is a part of the Federal Programme of Improvement of Medical Service in Russia.

The Exhibition is held under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. Salons held in the frames of the exhibition:

  • Furniture for Medical Purposes
  • Expert and Medical Care in Health Centers
  • Modern medical instruments and advanced therapeutic technologies become a more and more powerful weapon to fight diseases as well as a deciding factor in raising standards of health care services.

    Specialists believe that a great part of home-made medical equipment and instruments satisfy the technical requirements of practical health care and meet demands of Russian health and medical care centers.

    As far as science-intensive and hi-tech equipment is concerned, its implication is carried out in the frames of the Federal Programme of Medical Industry Development. This Programme envisages creation of joint ventures for production of this kind of equipment in Russia.

    The Medtekhnika’2004 Exhibition is a part of the Federal Programme and creates great opportunities for on-target advertising and sales of finished products on the home market as well as exchange of scientific elaborations and promising projects.

    Organizers of the 15th International Exhibition Medtekhnika-2004 are positive that the forthcoming show will boost the process of equipping of Russian clinics and hospitals with up-to-date medical facilities and instruments, attract advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies as well as large investments into Russia’s medical industry.

    For the first time in the frames of the exhibition, there will be organized two salons – Furniture for Medical Purposes and Expert and Medical Care in Health Centers. The purpose of these salons is to improve conditions for would-be patients of health and medical care centers and to inform everyone interested of kinds and quality of services provided by such centers.

    Main sections:

    • computer-aided tomography
    • diagnostic instruments and tools
    • instruments for functional analysis of cardiovascular system
    • x-ray, radioisotope and ultrasound equipment
    • instruments and tools for cardio surgery
    • equipment and instruments for temporary substitution of functional organs at resuscitation units
    • electric instruments and equipment for therapy
    • instruments for diagnostics and treatment of nervous diseases
    • ophthalmologic equipment
    • endoscopic equipment
    • tools and instruments for:
      • injections, punctures, aspiration, infusion
      • anesthesia, resuscitation and intensive care
      • gynecology and obstetrics
      • otolaryngology
      • analysis and treatment of eye diseases
      • surgery, orthopedy, urology
      • electric, cryo and laser surgery
      • anatomic analysis
    • hyperbaric equipment
    • instruments for physiotherapy, electric stimulators
    • equipment for clinical diagnostics, sanitary/epidemiological service
    • artificial limbs, corsets, bandages
    • hearing aids
    • massagers
    • pharmaceuticals

    Salon: Furniture for Medical Purposes

    • furniture for polyclinics and hospitals;
    • furniture for specialized consulting rooms;
    • furniture for physiotherapy and massage rooms;
    • equipment for therapeutic physical training rooms and fitness centers;
    • equipment for storage of medical consumable articles and medicines;
    • equipment for medical laboratories;
    • equipment for sanitization of medical care premises and medical instruments.

    Salon: Expert and Medical Care in Health Centers

    • equipment for specialized health centers;
    • equipment for balneal centers;
    • equipment for treatment and beauty centers;
    • services offered by specialized commercial health centers, sanatoriums and preventoriums.


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    E-mail: centr@expocentr.ru,

    Project manager
    Mrs. Elena Yu. Legonkova
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