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Nauka. Nauchnye pribory-2003

The 7th International Exhibition of Instruments for Scientific Research.

October 20 - 24, 2003
Pavilion # 5 of ZAO Expocentr's Krasnaya Presnya fairgrounds.

Nauka. Nauchnye pribory-2003

Exhibition character:

The exhibition will familiarize a wide circle of interested parties and industrial producers with not only Russian latest technological solutions and know-how but also with instruments ready for full-scale production. Their application will boost the country's economic growth in the near future.

Participation in the forthcoming exhibition of leading Russian academic organizations, research institutes and higher educational establishments will create great opportunities for exchange of information among them, realization of new forms of business cooperation, attraction of investments into the home science.

Main sections:

  • Scientific developments and innovative technologies in the following fields:
    • physics, nuclear physics;
    • chemistry;
    • biology and biotechnology, genetic engineering, medicine and pharmaceutics;
    • mechanical engineering and metal working, robotics, materials science;
    • power engineering and power saving, alternative energy sources;
    • space industry, high technologies of defense industry;
    • information and computer technologies;
    • radio electronics and communications, optics and optoelectronics;
    • geology, prospecting, extraction and processing of minerals, geophysics;
    • agriculture, processing industry;
    • ecology.
  • Technologies for physical, chemical and biological analyses.
  • Equipment and auxiliary means for laboratories, occupational hygiene and safety measures/ appliances in laboratories.
  • Complete laboratories, including mobile laboratories.
  • Diagnostic equipment.
  • Test systems and stands.
  • Control and measuring instruments and systems.
  • Medical instruments and equipment.
  • Data reception and processing.
  • Control systems, systems and facilities of automatic research and production.
  • Standardization of scientific research.
  • Patents, licences, vending of licences, licence agreements.
  • Up-to-date scientific and technical means for organization of educational process in schools and higher educational establishments.
  • Scientific and technical literature.


ZAO Expocentr
Russia, 123100, Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 14
Contact telephone: (7 095) 255-37-35, (7 095) 255-37-99, (7 095) 205-28-00
: (7 095) 205-60-55
E-mail: mezvist@expocentr.ru, voronin@expocentr.ru
Person in charge - Mr. Sergey Voronin

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