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II International specialized exhibition

19-22 October, 2004
Russia, Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center


Exhibition character:

Exhibition is held with the support of: Ministry of Nuclear Power Industry of Russia, Ministry of the Interior of Russia, Ministry of Emergency of Russia, Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, Ministry of Defense of Russia, Ministry of Education of Russia, Ministry of Industrial Science of Russia, Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, Ministry of Railways of Russia, Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, Ministry of Transport of Russia, Ministry of Power Industry of Russia, Ministry of Justice of Russia, State Committee of Russia for Construction, Russian Committee for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Control, Russian Academy of Sciences, , Russian Aviation and Space Agency, Russian Agency of Ammunition, Russian Agency of Armament, Russian Agency of Control Systems, Russian Agency of Shipbuilding State Committee for Pharmacopoeia of Ministry of Healthcare of Russia.

Main sections:

  • corporate laboratories;
  • laboratory systems, stands, devices, instruments & equipment for stationary & mobile laboratories;
  • chemicals;
  • systems, means for measuring & registration;
  • special devices for work (thermo-chambers, pressure chambers, vacuum equipments, indicators, detectors, signaling devices, robots, etc.);
  • special clothes (protective clothes, footwear, diving-suits, etc.);
  • auxiliary equipment (furniture, sanitary equipment, equipment & instrument of general purpose);
  • utilization of waste;
  • standards, methodics , instructions, recommendations, reference books;
  • services: metrological providing, system integration, engineering, production & service certification, licensing, creation of normative documents, expertise & consulting;
  • investing projects.

Exhibition events:

  • scientific and practical conferences, seminars, workshops;
  • presentations for participants of the exhibition.


State committee of the Russian Federation for standardization and metrology; All-Russian Exhibition Center; Russian Exhibition Company EXPODESIGN.
Organization committee:
Phone: +007-095-181-6083;
Phone/fax: +007-095-258-8762
E-mail: exponew@mail.ru;
Yuriy Barannik - Director of the exhibition

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