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Instruments, research technologies, equipment, expendable materials.

11 - 14 November 2003
Mikhailovsky Manege (2 Manezhnaya Square),
St.Petersburg, Russia


Exhibition character:

The exhibition is supported by:
Administration of St.Petersburg,
Center of testing and certification of St.Petersburg "TEST - St.Petersburg",
Department of nature resources of Northwestern region.

In September 2002 exhibition "Laboratory" was held for the first time and received positive responses of specialists. Interesting accompanying program makes the exhibition a remarkable event for the companies of laboratory and analytical equipment market.

Main sections:

  • Laboratory equipment for research and clinical diagnostics
  • Equipment for high-tech manufactures, serial and exclusive instruments
  • Instruments and means for environmental monitoring and special control
  • Express analysis technologies
  • Laboratory products:
    • laboratory equipment
    • furniture, containers, special wear
    • expendable materials
  • Analytical and laboratory weighing equipment
  • Measuring instruments
  • Equipment for storage and utilization of research wastes
  • Services and metrology
  • Standardization and certification
  • Laboratory research technologies (including software and research automation)

We invite to exhibit:

enterprises - manufacturers of equipment for laboratories;
research centers, research institutes, design bureaus - developers of instruments and tools for laboratory research;
trading companies specializing in sales of instruments, equipment and materials for laboratories;
higher education institutions.

Terms of Participation

Space Application Form (file RTF)

Invitation Ticket to the Exhibition


The Scientific and Industrial Exhibitions Division:
RESTEC Exhibition Company
12 Petrozavodskaya St., St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel: +7 812 320-8092, 320-9676, 235-0497
Fax: +7 812 320-8090
E-mail: sci&ind@restec.ru

Director of Scientific and Industrial Exhibitions Division
Leonid Zakharenkov, Ph.D.
Project Manager
Sergey Raikov
Promotion Manager
Irina Kukonkova

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