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15.10.03 Our Delivery Times Can't Be Beat!

We know that when you order equipment from us, you often needed it "yesterday." That's why we strive very hard to keep a large inventory on hand to meet customer demand. Keith Ferrier with Refer Scientific, had this to say when asked about his service from OFI Testing Equipment, "OFITE is without doubt the best supplier we deal with. Your stockholding and delivery times are better than any company we deal with. I don't know how you do it."

Since implementing a customer feedback program in March 2003, over 97% of our customers have been satisfied with the delivery times of their new products and over 98% of our customers have rated their overall satisfaction with their new product purchase "good" to "excellent." Thank you all for your feedback and loyal patronage!
15.09.03 We Service and Stock Spare Parts for All Makes of Testing Equipment

Did you know that OFITE stocks a complete line of spare parts and accessories for some of the most commonly used competitive testing equipment, such as 6-Speed Viscometers, High-Temp Rheometers, and HPHT Consistometers? We've heard what a challenge it is to get service and spare parts for these items in a reasonable time and at a fair price. So at your request, we began stocking spare parts and servicing equipment from most major testing equipment manufacturers. Give us a call for your next order, and see how our quality, delivery, and price compare. For more information, please email marketing@ofite.com.
10.09.03 Come Visit Us at the SPE ATCE and LAGCOE

We'll be displaying some of our latest products, including the new fully automated, field-friendly Model 900 Viscometer at two trade shows coming up in October. We will be in booth 122 at the SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in Denver, Colorado, Oct. 6-8. Later in the month, we'll be in Lafayette, Louisiana at the LAGCOE in booth 131 in the new convention center. If you would like to schedule a time for us to meet at these shows, please email mgallamore@ofite.com and we'll set something up. We even have free day passes to the SPE show for taking the time to visit with us! We hope to see you soon!
15.08.03 New Mud Balance Available and in Stock!

The metal mud balance that you have come to depend on for density measurements now has a sleek new design. You and your customers will immediately recognize the differences. The new OFITE balance is made from precision-machined parts, not castings, for improved accuracy. Four easy-to-read scales are etched directly into the zinc-aluminum arm. The balance is then hard-annodized for unsurpassed corrosion resistance. These features make the new OFITE balance easy to use, easy to clean, accurate, and durable.
15.07.03 Hub Technology Helps Streamline Lab Operations

Several customers using the new Model 900 Automated Viscometer have asked if they could operate multiple units from one computer. The answer to that is now an emphatic, "Yes!"

The OFITE Engineering Department has spent the last several months designing software and utilizing hub technology that allows a technician to simultaneously run and gather data from four Model 900 Viscometers. The new hardware, combined with enhancements in the ORCADA software, is now ready for implementation in your lab.

According to Dennie Norwood, OFITE's Engineering Manager, "This technology allows labs to minimize computer costs and maximize data collection, all while conserving valuable counter space. In addition, this technology may be adapted to other instruments, such as Ultrasonic Cement Analyzers and Consistometers."

For more information on how this new technology can help streamline your lab operations, please contact dnorwood@ofite.com.
11.04.03 New Pressure Control System Available!

Ever get the feeling that two hands are just not enough when working in a lab? OFITE is pleased to introduce a new product to make your life a lot easier. Our new Pressure Control System can provide and maintain a constant pressure on up to four high pressure filtration units. Particularly useful for Permeability Plugging Testers, you no longer have to fiddle with the pressure while you're trying to catch filtrate.

Carl Lacombe with Ambar Lonestar Fluid Service approached OFITE in December about the need for a multi-unit pressure control system for his OFITE Permeability Plugging Testers. Our Engineering Services Department worked closely with Carl on the design of the product and he couldn't be happier. According to Carl, "The new unit surpassed my expectations. PPT test accuracy and repeatability are vastly improved. The technician time savings alone have justified the expense of the equipment."

To learn more about or order a Pressure Control System, email us at marketing@ofite.com. If you have a need for a custom product and would like help in designing it, contact our Engineering Services Department at dnorwood@ofite.com.
10.04.03 OFITE Now a Supplier of API Standard Materials

Now your best choice for Mud Testing Equipment is also your supplier for API Standard Evaluation Clay, freshly packed and ready for immediate delivery (part #191-00).
09.04.03 Model 900 Viscometer Comparative Data

Recently, a customer did a series of measurements on a sample of xanthan gum using the OFITE Model 900 Viscometer* and another competitive model from a well-known manufacturer. The results are amazing! The OFITE Model 900 measurements are right on target with the competitive model AND the Model 900 was able to capture lower shear readings (.01 s-1) than the "low-shear" competition. At 1/10th the cost of the competitive model, the Model 900 is a great investment!

Visit our web site for more details on the Model 900 Viscometer.
08.04.03 Satisfaction Surveys - Your Input is Important to Us!

In an effort to better gauge how well we are servicing our customers and to help meet ISO 9001 requirements, OFITE has started randomly selecting customers to partake in a customer satisfaction survey. If you haven't received an email yet, chances are you may soon get one! The email will provide details of a recent repair or purchase from OFITE and will give you a link to a short online survey you can take. Of course you are always free to contact us at anytime if an issue comes up! We have even placed a form on our web site that you can use to let us know how we are doing. Thank you for your continued business and your comments!
03.04.03 Come See Us at OTC!

Come visit us in booth 5409 at OTC, May 5 through May 8. We’ll be displaying some of our latest products, including the new fully automated, field-friendly Model 900 Viscometer, the Dynamic Linear Swell Meter and our Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer. While you are in town, we would also like to invite you to take a tour of our facilities, where we'll have even more equipment on hand for you to view, including our cement testing product line. If you would like to schedule a time for us to meet at OTC or our offices, please email mgallamore@ofite.com and we'll set something up. We'll even send you a free day pass to OTC for taking the time to visit with us! We look forward to seeing you soon!
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