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15.08.03 The new liquid nitrogen free EDXRF spectrometer is contained within a single cabinet and configured for benchtop operation. This exciting evolution delivers performance and resolution capabilities similar to traditional liquid nitrogen cooled Si(Li) detector units. The analyser provides rapid non-destructive qualitative and quantitative simultaneous determination of elements Na-U. Its rugged construction and design allows the use of the EX-Calibur for field and mobile application
- Compact self contained integrated Computer, small footprint;
- Liquid Nitrogen Free, no need to purchase or handling LN;
- New generation high resolution detector, 50kV, 50Watt Pd or Rh tube, Primary Filters for low detection limits;
- High count rate capability for fast throughput;
- Rugged design for mobile and field applications
15.01.03 We are proud to announce our new additions to our EDXRF analyzers!!! The EX310A+

XRF makes an excellent teaching tool in laboratory curriculum. Jordan Valley's EX-310A+ energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer is specifically configured for the university and college market.

The EX-310A+ is designed for use in undergraduate laboratories to expose students to XRF and encourage professors to discuss the technology in the lectures. The reasonable cost of this analyzer, including the special academic discount, makes it easily affordable to most teaching institutions.
15.02.02 Low-cost, high performance analyzer will help petrochemical refiners
meet proposed low sulfur detection limits.
Austin, TX – February 1, 2002. The sulfur content in diesel fuel may soon be reduced by 97 percent to provide for the cleanest running trucks and buses in history. Reducing the sulfur content in diesel fuel would cut emissions from existing trucks and buses. The proposed regulation targets refiners with stricter rules to reduce noxious air pollution and protect citizens from bronchitis, asthma and lung cancer. Making the ultra-low sulfur diesel that EPA proposes would require an estimated $8 billion in refinery investments.
Under the proposed regulations, refineries will be hard pressed to meet the low sulfur requirements with their existing technology. Jordan Valley supplies a low cost analyzer that will meet these sulfur detection limits and other applications.
Jordan Valley’s EX-310S provides rapid and precise measurement of total sulfur in petroleum products as described in ASTM method D4294. The EX-310S makes accurate sulfur determinations with little or no sample preparation and performs automated analysis with just the click of a mouse.

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